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Xujiahui Apartment
Shanghai, 2022-2023
Renovation of apartment in city with the porosity of life, light and city view.

Client: Private

Area: 105 m²

​Type: Single Residential, Interior

Status: Completed

Team: Xie Jie, Deng Jun-Wen

Lighting Consultant: Shi Xiao

Builder: He-Zong Construction

Photos: Chen Hao, Patrick Fang

This project is a renovation of young couple’s residence. It is located in a late 90’s iconic urban complex of Xujiahui district in Shanghai, offering a great approachable city life with gym, swimming pool, supermarket, flower shop, roof garden and department store in one single building. Due to the hybrid structure system of the urban complex, rooms at two ends of the original L-shaped plan have opposite characteristics: one is an open and bright living room, the other is a secluded and private master bedroom. The design aim to maintain the original structure and simplicity of the rectangular room at each end, while highlighting the views of leafy Heng-fu Historic Area and city skyline through the new picture windows. During the design process, curved elements are integrated in between the orthogonal ends. An eight-meter-long gently curved wall connects the entrance hall and bedroom doorway. This curve divides the two bathrooms and family rooms from the social area, making the dining room more spacious. On the other direction, a curved ceiling extends from the entrance to the entire dining area. This pair of curved wall and ceiling extended and enlarged the space in both directions of the L-shaped plan. The family room and the kitchen also have curved doorway respectively, using grey wool curtains instead of ordinary door leaves, creating a layered and flexible space. To allow more natural light into the bathroom behind the long-curved wall, a pair of high windows are added. Correspondingly, three deep curved recesses on the ceiling of bathrooms and corridor are also created. The changing ceiling height shaped the spatial transition from public area to private. Through the high windows, artificial lights inside the bathroom illuminate the curved ceiling during the night time, adding joy and poetic ambiance. A pair of wall-mounted uplights with high wattage adorn the straight long wall on the other side of the living room.The diffused reflection from the curved and flat ceilings provides sufficient ambient light for the social area. Natural materials are selected to bring variation apart from the off-white surfaces, with Carrara marble for the bathroom walls, French oak for the flooring and wardrobe surfaces, and wool and linen for the curtains.

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