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Weihai Road Studio 109
Shanghai, 2021
Refurbishment of office space in a 1930's Shanghai villa.

Status: Completed

Type: Work Space

Area: 45 m²

Before being transformed into a studio, 109 Weihai Road consisted of two abandoned rooms on the ground floor's eastern side of a historic protected building constructed in the 1930s near Zhang Garden in Shanghai. The rectangular entrance room not only retained its original doors and windows but also preserved its top decorations. The deeper room features a long curved exterior wall and seven tall windows. The layout for work and meeting discussions combines the characteristics of the two rooms, allowing them to connect with each other while also maintaining a sense of privacy. The curved wall's window sill is adorned with indoor plants, and the opposite long wall is lined with a continuous black iron bookshelf and four white wall lamps. This intriguing contrast might bear some resemblance to the relationship between the curved trees beside the building's entrance and its western facade.

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