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Ou River House,
Wenzhou, 2022
Combining three stand alone houses into one along Ou River.

Client: Private

Site Area: 1200 m²

Total Area: 650 m²

Type: Single Residential

Status:​ Concept

Ou-river house is an altenration project of three almost identical houses adjacent to each other in a real estate developped residential block. The client want to live with their grow-up childs but have a relatively seprated space for life. We created two gardens in between houses and arranged living and dining space facing it. The wall fenced the garden and connected the houses with high windows along the wall. Slopped roof followed the original shape of the existing house but extend it to suit the latest plan. Added third level within the hight limit created a special room for the client to overlook the Ou-river and the mountain scene while doing mediation.

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