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Dongji Island Dock Extension
Zhoushan, 2023
Dock extension on the remote island in the far east of East China Sea.

Client: Zhoushan Government

Area: 1800 m²

Type: Public, Mixed-use

Collaborators: Su Chang Design Research Office, Atelier Mozh ​(Su Chang Design Research Office & Atelier Mozh worked on the other three sites of the Zhoushan Island Competition)

The Dock Foyer will be a public building where visitors and island residents can share a common vision. The walkable roof across the site will become the island's landscape, creating a large and flexible space. The roof’s form shapes an inner square with the surrounding hills. Starting from the square, the main structure of the roof rises to a height of 11 meters at the waterfront and become a scenic lookout on roof. The walkable roof offers a similar experience to the stone steps and the Dao Dou Street on the island. The roof as a landform transforms into two "arms" that connect to the surrounding areas: one connects to the path to the famous lighthouse, making an entrance to the dock square. The other "arm" is the ramp of the roof, enclosing the inner square. The roof and main walls are built with hammered in-situ concrete, using the aggregates from the island’s stones, giving the building a materiality similar to the island’s landscape. Supported by steel columns, the walls and roof are separated, allowing natural light to fill the entire space. The sea-facing facade has a monolithic appearance as two large strip stones, with round windows to frame the views that echo the existing pier terminal. The cut in the embankment represents the site's history as a ship repair yard and serves like a ‘land art’. Corresponding to this cut, the main dock corridor divides the main building into two areas: storytelling market and bookstore cafe on the west side, and Zhoushan food court on the east side. The dock corridor connects the square to the coastline and leads to a grand scenic lookout on the first floor, as well as two other lookouts at both ends of the building. All of three are like grand doorway open to the sea and welcome new friends from the sea to the island.

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